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Dr. Peter Dufour

Change your Thinking
and Change your Life

Dr. Peter Dufour

Change your Thinking
and Change your Life

Services Dr. Peter Dufour Provides

This web page has details on the most frequently requested services Dr. Dufour offers. You can browse his services or use the menu to jump to a specific section.

If you’re dealing with an area that is not listed here, please telephone Dr. Dufour at 541.619.4469 and he will let you know if he can help you.

Quit Smoking or Stop ANY Tobacco Use

With hypnosis you can stop ANY tobacco use, including stop smoking. The vast majority of Dr. Dufour's clients stop their tobacco use or stop smoking in just one session, and the remainder are entitled to one free break the tobacco habit “get back on track” session, if they start using tobacco in any form within one year. Free yourself from tobacco use including stop smoking, without withdrawl or weight gain.

Read how A.G. of Sweet Home Oregon's life was saved by stopping smoking.

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Lose Weight and Achieve Your Ideal Weight

Most cases of being overweight are a result of emotional overeating caused by stress, boredom, anger, loneliness, low self-esteem, etc.

achieve your ideal weight

Using self-hypnosis, Dr. Dufour will guide you to uncover the keys to your permanent weight loss without the use of will power or dieting programs. Self-hypnosis makes it easy and affordable! His clients report improvements in dealing with cravings, poor eating choices, and stressors in the very first session.

Read how Colleen of Corvallis was helped by Dr. Dufour.

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Relieve Anxiety & Stress

Anxiety is a form of self protection. Anxiety is caused from worry and fear of future events orrelieve anxiety worry that something is wrong, or something bad will happen, or from a feeling like you always have to get “It” right.

Using self-hypnosis, Dr. Dufour will guide you to eliminate the worry and thereby allow you to live your life more fully.

Read how D.J. of Corvallis was helped by Dr. Dufour.

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End Fears and Phobias

fears and phobiasVirtually everyone has a fear of something. Fears can range from a fear of spiders, fear of flying, or public speaking, injections, water, etc. When the fear becomes so severe that it causes tremendous anxiety and therefore interferes with your normal life, it becomes a phobia. It is at this point that we need to seek help. Hypnosis is a rapid, effective, and a safe alternative to medication.

Using self-hypnosis, Dr, Dufour will guide you safely back to the originating event, which most often occurred as a child. Then with adult awareness, you are able to let go of the trauma. In most cases this process can occur in 1 or 2 sessions.

R. A. of Newport Oregon said: “I was petrified with fear of flying. I wanted to take my grandson to Disney World and didn't want to be medicated. My friend said, go see Dr. Dufour, he's really good.

During hypnosis we found out I had had a bad experience flying when I was eight. All I know is I lost my fear of flying;”

Relief From Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Each year over 20 million Americans experience PTSD as a result of traumatic events, including but not limited to;

The result of experiencing these events is a negative imprint which is a message that has reached the core of the subconscious mind. The imprint does not need to be logical or sensible in order to affect us.

Through the use of hypnosis, Dr, Dufour will guide you to uncover and eliminate the origin of the event trauma.

D.P. of Corvallis Oregon said: “I was scared of driving after a serious auto accident I had 5 years ago. Even the idea of getting in a car was scary. I saw Dr. Dufour two times, and was really surprised at how I over came my fear of driving. I got my life back. I'm very thankful.”

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End Insomnia

end insomniaInsomnia is the inability to sleep because of stressors or external influences in in your life that disrupt your sleep patterns. Hypnosis will help you relax as you learn to eliminate negative thoughts and emotions that have been depriving you of sound sleep.

G.C., of Corvallis, Oregon wrote Dr. Dufour to say; “I want to thank you for helping me with my insomnia problem. I finally feel like I’m on my way to “sleeping” again.”

Improve Athletic Performance

Hypnosis is a safe and relaxing way to improve your game, and allow you to be at your best - whatever your game may be. Recreational or professional athletes can benefit from self-hypnosis to improve performance and play to their true abilities.

Hypnotherapy for peak sports performance is about increasing an amateur or professional’s ability to concentrate and focus on the “Principle of the Slight Edge”.

R.J. of Corvallis Oregon said: “I love to play golf, but I had a problem of being distracted; sometimes it was people, noise, or lacking self confidence. When I saw Dr Dufour, he introduced me to The Dufour Method , including an "eye Blink" technique that really has made a difference.”

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Improve Self Esteem

A major cause of low self-esteem is past negative comments repeated numerous times, often stemming from things that parents or some other trusted source may have said which was most likely misinterpreted when you were young.

Using self-hypnosis, Dr. Dufour will guide you in recognizing and interpreting the source of the negative comments from an adult's view point, and thereby improve your self-esteem.

J.P. of Albany Oregon said: “I was amazed after 2 sessions with Dr. Dufour that I started to achieve greater self confidence, and an understanding of the original cause of my low self- esteem. His techniques are effective in re-programming how one thinks and feels about themselves. I highly recommend Dr. Dufour.”

Breaking a Bad Habit

Sometimes in our lives we develop patterns of activity or behavior that we would call “Bad Habits”. They have been developed through repeated actions over an extended period of time.

With the use of self-hypnosis, Dr. Dufour will guide you to free yourself from whatever habit you have resolved to eliminate from your life. Hypnosis uses the power of your subconscious mind to achieve your goal. Everyone has this capability. There are no limitations. No Exceptions.

L. R. Lebanon Oregon said: “I had a habit of biting my nails and tried everything to stop. I heard from a friend that Peter had helped her to stop grinding her teeth. I learned that any habit that is learned can also be unlearned. He taught me to realize that it is within my ability to control and direct all of my actions. I can't believe how fast the results with the use of his self-hypnosis approach.”

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