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Dr. Peter Dufour

Change your Thinking
and Change your Life

Dr. Peter Dufour

Change your Thinking
and Change your Life

Testimonials From Dr. Dufour's Clients

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Achieving Your Ideal Weight
How Does it Work?

J.R., Albany, OR

ideal weight “ Since I've been to see Peter Dufour for weight loss, I've seen how easy it is without any stress on my part to lose weight. I am also now controlling my blood sugar. I exercise more and feel I have a lot more energy when I ride my bike. (By the way I'm 67 years old, almost 68) have a neighbor who is 75 and he still rides his bike. Also I sleep better, I wake up earlier than I used to. People have noticed I'm losing weight. Some usually comment on how are you doing on your diet, but always tell them I'm not on a diet, it's just a healthier life style change.

I still eat what I like, just portion control, eat my meals a lot slower than I ever used to, I drink lots of water. One thing I thought I could never stop, was snacking between meals, but I have been able to stop it. The main reason I went to see Peter Dufour, I was ready to make a change for the better in my eating habits and weight control. One thing I haven't done yet, is get on a scale to see how much weight I've lost as I can see and feel it. (Dr Dufour does not recommend using a scale).

Today on my bike ride, felt I had more endurance and it was an easier peddling day as I'm losing weight.

Another thing to mention. 33 years ago I went to a hypnotist in Portland with my brother (I was a 3 to 4 pack a day cigarette smoker) Neither my brother nor I both smoked again after that visit. ”

Colleen, Corvallis, OR

“ I originally decided to visit Dr. Dufour to try hypnotherapy for eating issues (binge eating and sugar cravings). I've had these issues since I was a child and I've tried many (unsuccessful) treatments so I was initially a bit skeptical and pessimistic that hypnotherapy could help. However, Dr. Dufour took the time to explain the process to me and make sure I felt comfortable. His knowledge, caring demeanor, and sense of humor were evident--I felt at ease and in good hands during my sessions with him.

I've had two sessions with Dr. Dufour, and the change in my attitude and behaviors toward food has been nothing short of astounding. I truly feel like I have control over when, where, and how much food I eat instead of feeling like food has control over me. In these past few weeks since seeing Dr. Dufour, I've been choosing healthy foods to eat, listening to my body, and exercising more. The most amazing thing to me is that this change in my thinking and acting toward food has come naturally and effortlessly.

Never did I think that something as enjoyable and easy as hypnotherapy could bring about such an amazing transformation in me. I'm beyond happy with the results I've experienced, and I'd recommend hypnotherapy for people who are ready to change themselves and their lives.”

F.G., Corvallis, OR

“ I went to Peter for help with sugar cravings.

For a very long time I had the tendency of turning to sugar to make me feel better during times of stress. Recently I had been going through a particularly stressful time in my life so my sugar eating had increased greatly.

Peter said that he could help me and he did. After only one session with Peter I no longer had a sugar craving. What I found was that as I passed the cookies and candy in the grocery store I knew that they tasted good but I didn't feel compelled to buy them. Three days after my session with Peter I did have a little sugar at a party. Family members were celebrating our parents wedding anniversary. They put out ice cream and root beer so that we could make our own root beer floats. I decided to have one to join in the celebration, not because I was craving one. I fixed myself about 2 ounces of a float which satisfied me. I felt no interest in having any more.

What I really like about Peter's hypnosis session is that it took away the need and craving for sugar so that now I have the ability to choose whether I want sugar or not. I am no longer controlled by sugar cravings. The hypnosis I received from Peter was 100% successful for me. Peter is a very caring person and is very good at hypnosis. Thank you, Peter.”

M.M., Albany, OR

“ I saw Dr Dufour in June to help me with my life time issues with weight. Surprised after the first session I kicked the sugar cravings, and improved on my snacking habits. Didn’t take will power, and he said, changes happen with no effort. Really amazing results in 3 sessions. Peter also helped me gain confidence in ability to change. I can now fit into my clothes.”

D.B., Albany, OR

“I want to express what a pleasure it was to work with Dr. Dufour on my weight loss. After just the first session I was totally shocked at the success I was already having. I was a heavy coffee and cola drinker - water was not on the menu at all. After just one session I have now totally replaced all of the cola with water. I have just had my second session yesterday and I am so excited to see what new habits I can attack and leave the bad habits behind.”

Dr. Dufour you truly are a blessing and I am so glad I found you.

B.K., Corvallis, OR

“Before I worked with Peter I was struggling with the idea of weight loss and had little confidence in my ability to affect positive change. Since my session with Peter I have more energy, am confident that I will achieve my weight goal and notice that several bad habits are falling by the wayside.”

P. L., Albany, Oregon

“I tried a dozen times to lose weight. I saw Dr. Dufour one time and he cured me of my craving sweets. After I couldn't even stand sweets, a friend was upset because I didn't eat her new baked cookies. (The client didn't realize she was not eating the cookies. ed.)
He sent me home with a CD that only played music and said to listen for 30 days. I started to like myself and the weight started to fall off. He gave me a statement that said, ‘you can't change your weight until you change your self image’.”

Jennifer, Lebanon, Oregon

“After one session instead of craving junk food, I crave salads and veggies. I'm feeling good and my family are happy for me. Thanks a lot for making it so easy Dr. Dufour.”

S. R., Albany, Oregon

“I wanted to be healthier, lose and maintain a healthier weight, but nothing worked for long until I saw Dr. Peter Dufour. I saw him 3 times and it amazes me that I pass up junk food and sweets with no effort. I hated to work out. I now work out regularly. I lost 30 lbs and eighteen months later I am still 30 lbs lighter.”

Quitting Smoking or any Tobacco Use
How Does it Work?

J. M., Albany, Oregon

stop smoking“My name is Jane and I am a happy, healthy, nonsmoker for the rest of my life. My apologies for not getting back to you sooner. I’m thrilled to be smoke free. Today, it’s been three weeks since my friend and I began our journey. It’s been great to have a friend support you.
My family is ecstatic that I’ve quit. I’ve been feeling better.
Please accept my sincerest thanks for your therapy session. You have made a huge impact on my life. ”

A.G., Sweet Home, Oregon

I wanted to thank you again for making such a difference in my life. With your help, I quit smoking on December of 2011. I have not gained weight or had any issues until September of 2017.

I had a heart attack that day. It was a very major event and would have most likely killed me had I still been a smoker. Fortunately, I received excellent care and have no heart damage. My life could have been forever changed by this event but because I took steps to stop the bad habit of smoking, I feel I gained even more years to my life and those will be quality years.

Thank you again for your support and belief that anyone can be a non-smoker. ”

J.T., Corvallis, Oregon

It is with genuine gratitude and happiness that I am writing you this email to say thank you. On March 15, 2016, I had a one time hypnosis session with you and have not smoked a single cigarette since, nor have I had any desire to… none what-so-ever. You recognized my hope to quit smoking and guided me to achieve this monumental goal that had alluded me for 35 years.

I am deeply, deeply thankful for your work and genuinely appreciate you.“I am a happy, healthy non-smoker for the rest of my life.” I will never smoke another cigarette as long as I live.

I have already told my Doctor about my success and the process, including the fact that I felt I had no "physical" side affects. She was impressed. Thank you again for your thoughtful work.”

M.A., Albany, Oregon

“I just wanted to thank you. I saw you a little over six months ago. Not only have I not smoked since, I've not WANTED to smoke since!! ( : It's been amazing. My kids are thrilled, I feel a hundred times better. Every day rather than thinking, I wish I had a cigarette… I instead think, I'm so happy I don't smoke anymore. My life has changed so much since my visit with you. I'm healthier, happier, and more motivated.

I know two of my patients have seen you and they also are still smoke free! I LOVE IT! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are an amazing person.”

C. P., Albany, Oregon

I had chewed tobacco for over ten years, and tried several different methods to quit. After one session with Dr. Dufour, not only have I not taken a dip, I haven't even wanted to! Other attempts at quitting always left me literally fighting with myself over the cravings and temptation. With hypnotherapy, there were no withdrawl symptoms, just clarity.

C. P., Albany Oregon

K.M., Corvallis, Oregon

I think of you so often and cannot thank you enough for "reprogramming me" to stop smoking! It is almost 4 months now (July 25th) since our 1-hour session, and I am so happy to be free of this habit. The thing that was the most amazing about your technique was the absence of any physiological withdrawal symptoms. When we were speaking of the absence of w/d symptoms (prior to the hypnosis session itself), I wasn't quite convinced. But that was the best thing about your method – no withdrawal--only drinking lots of water for a couple days!

Because of smoking for many years, I still "think" about having a cigarette every now and then. But I only "think" about it, laugh about it with my husband, and then the thought goes away. It's almost like I never smoked before – like why would I have ever done that?! Each time we pass the stop smoking aids in the stores, we laugh and say – another boom for the pharmaceutical companies. All we need, instead, are more Peter Dufours – not a bunch of Nicorette, Commit, etc. etc.

I feel you have given me back my health, and I cannot thank you enough for that. What do they say? Your health is your wealth, and I definitely believe this little proverb to be true. Just to think I have a chance now of reaching older age – without a lot of sickness – makes me very happy indeed. I hope you are well and enjoying life! Your new website is great! So once again, Dr. Dufour, thank you so very much for your help, and I hope we can keep in contact.

Best regards, K.M.

Nan, Corvallis, Oregon

It is amazing to me that a one-hour session with Dr. Dufour and my own desire to quit smoking after 35 years led to me being a non-smoker now for very near to 5 years.

I always told myself and others that I didn't want to quit smoking because I didn't think I could do that without being unreasonable, uncomfortable, and making those that I love work through this difficult addiction with me. In essence, I chose being a smoker and all that it did to my health over the fear that my friends and family would not like me much while I was going through the process.

When I heard from a co-worker about the use of hypnosis and listened to the explanation of the process, I did not hesitate to make the appointment. I walked in to the appointment with great expectations and was not disappointed. An hour later, I walked out with the belief that "I am a non-smoker, I'll be a non-smoker the rest of my life." There were a few rough spots in the first little while and the mantra whizzed through my mind at a very quick pace but it reinforced for me who I wanted to become....a non-smoker.

Coming up now on my 5 year anniversary, I called Dr. Dufour to thank him for helping me to change my life.

Give him a call, let him help you change yours.

J.K., Corvallis, Oregon

I have been a smoker for 17 years and I am only 29 years old. I have tried everything to help me quit from patches to gum and even inhalers. I skeptically thought that I was always going to be a smoker and I would just have to deal with that and hope for the best.

Then I heard about people who have quit by using hypnosis. I gave it a try on February 1, 2007. I was skeptical at first but the want to quit was so strong, and I had tried everything this was probably going to be my last chance. I went to see Dr. Dufour and on the way to his office I threw out my last cigarette.

One hour later I came out feeling like a new man and I have not smoked a cigarette since, although I sometimes would like to smoke, I have not had one craving since the hypnosis.

Now my family and I feel so much better about the future in my boys are so proud of me and happy that their dad is going to be around a long time to come.

A special thanks to Dr. Dufour J.K.

C.A., Lincoln City, Oregon

“I went to see Peter after many attempts to quit smoking with patches, gum, and even cold turkey with no success. After a few moments searching online, I located his web site, called and made an appointment on February 17th, 2005. That was the day I quit smoking forever, after a great educational and relaxing hour. Peter is a remarkable person who helped me regain my life! Thanks Peter

H.L., Corvallis, Oregon

“I had looked at the stop smoking brochure at the doctor's office for a couple years and thought it was just too easy to be true. I met one time with Dr. Dufour and was completely amazed by the results. I am a happy non-smoker and I really do thank the Lord for leading me to this… I have mentioned this to my family and friends and they are so happy for me.”

Relieving Anxiety and Stress
How Does it Work?

B. G. Corvallis, Oregon

relieve anxiety“Dear Dr. Dufour,
I want to thank you again for helping me with my anxiety issues back in January. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that your hypnosis session worked. You are amazing. I will definitely refer my friends and family to you if they need help.

My fingernails have also grown out. I’m not embarrassed by my hands now after almost 20+ years.

I feel I owe a lot to you. My optimism & outlook on life have definitely improved. I appreciate everything you have done to help me, another satisfied patient.”

D. J. Corvallis, Oregon

“The change has been noticeable from the get-go. Everyone I know has been noticing me as more at ease, happier, and just generally having a better attitude. Personally, I have been noticing that I am far more driven than I used to be, and I feel more confident in myself and my abilities. It's like I'm unconsciously becoming a better version of myself. I've been sticking to the 12-week program mentioned in The Experiment, and I'm positive it's at least partly responsible.

Additionally, when it came time to study for spring finals, I felt more relaxed and able to actually focus on my studying. I passed every test.

I can't thank you enough, Dr. Dufour. You've helped me put my life on a path to success and I'm beyond happy to be here.”

J. M., Portland, Oregon

“I lost my job, separated from my wife and I was in a state of shock, fears and anxiety about my situation. Dr. Dufour was a perfect fit for me. While I was terrified about my future, Dr. Dufour communicated confidence that I would be alright. In his words, he taught me that what you focus on is what you get. In hypnosis, he had me image a past success, and also a future anticipated success. In both cases I used a code word to access the feeling of success. It works. I don’t know how, but it does. I say the code word and I am experiencing a feeling of success. It always brings a smile to my face.

Dr. Dufour is a talented therapist, and really cares about his clients and their success.”

Improving Athletic Performance
How Does it Work?

J. D. Albany, Oregon

“I am well over a month out from our work together, and still seeing no slow down of the rapid progress which was frankly, remarkable.

At nearly 60, I can count the testimonials I've written on one hand. I have resisted the urge to write sooner; I've found immediate and significant changes usually don't last.

I can't wait any longer, not only feeling like I've turned a corner, but others keep stopping me to comment or ask me what my secret is, evidently coming across more relaxed, confident and present.

Way less fatigued during the day, sleep is better and more of it although same bedtime or wakeup schedule. (Since our second meeting, decades of insomnia resolved!!) My sports performance, which I originally sought you out for, has jumped incredibly -- again, teammates and long term opponents making comments about my game I'd never heard before. Am smiling more when I lose, while having tons more fun playing well and winning!

Years of high anxiety now remarkably diminished and stress has a lighter quality. I'm no longer in a battle with my nerves and fear of failure, not looking to blame myself and others when distressed.

With Deepest Admiration and Gratitude, J.D.”

G. N., Corvallis, Oregon

“I contemplated Sports Hypnosis after reaching a frustrating plateau in my sport of sheepdog trialling. All other parts of my life were great, but I seemed to be failing at one of the things most important to me.

After getting a big silence and a ‘We don't do that HERE’ from my HMO, I started surfing practitioners in Corvallis, as it seemed a likely area for sports related help. I picked Dr. Dufour because his site didn't look like a lot of PR hype, and he had a sports background.

After two sessions, I gained lots of insight into what was holding me back, and how to get ahead in my sport. While I will be constantly working to gain more particular skills, I now know how to keep calm, eliminate negativity and remain positive, and how to focus my energy and visualize the goals I set for myself.
Thanks, Dr. D.!”

C. M., Corvallis, Oregon

“I had a lot of mental issues as a golfer. Dr. Dufour taught me to add relaxation and imagery to my shot routine. Each session was fun, adding to the previous session. I learned about applying the Law of Attraction not only in my golf game, but my everyday life. I highly recommend Dr. Dufour for anyone who wants to improve their golf game and lives.”

J. B., Eugene, Oregon

“I was surprised how easy it was to overcome my problems as a golfer. Dr. Dufour taught me to clear away stress and rambling pre-swing thoughts that can destroy achieving a relaxed and repeatable swing.”

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